Police Attorney Rationale

In the year 2020, the world of law enforcement changed. Forever. The complexities and related liability are growing at a fast pace. Everything we do is under the microscope of immediate scrutiny due to video and social media exposure. More is being asked of the police. We must progress out of this storm by creating quality trained police professionals. Checking “the box” or “doing it as it has always been done” is over. As such, the legal scope of liability, actual or implied, is at its highest level ever. A Police Department now needs a Constitutional Policing and Policy Advisor (Police Attorney) that knows the unique legal world of policing in Michigan not by “theory” but by relevant, seasoned and real-world experience as a Michigan police officer. We established, train and follow the Constitutional and Holistic Police Model. In short, we believe that officers that are provided proper legal training are able to analyze, assess and address policing situations and use tools not found on their gun belt to solve problems but have the confidence to identify solutions using a well-reasoned, Constitutional and holistic methodology.


In Michigan, a Police Legal Advisor is a licensed and insured Michigan lawyer that has a unique background and practice that is focused on law enforcement who is well versed on those aspects of the law that touch the policing profession such as criminal law, search and seizure, constitutional law, police use of force, police discipline, police civil liability and best practices. Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group was established solely for that purpose. There is no other law firm in the State of Michigan that can match our unique credentials. In Michigan, there is one true Police Attorney and his name is Brett Naumcheff.

Inadequate police policy parameters along with unconstitutional practices and customs create liability for the officers, administration of that police department and the governing entity. The Police Legal Advisor Group assists the police administrator with initial and continuous policy development, personnel issues, training and critical incident response. The Police Legal Advisor is focused on the Police Department, which in turn protects the organization. In Michigan, the individual departmental needs for a Police Legal Advisor have grown to the point that we provide service from offices in Novi and Grand Rapids and represent law enforcement agencies ranging from 8 to 250 officers.

You do not need a full time Police Legal Advisor. However, you do need one on a regular and recurring basis that is available 24/7/365. Hopefully, you will be able to review the following pages that outline the usual and customary work of a Police Legal Advisor. Importantly, the program can be somewhat tailored to your individual department size and needs. We are not “off the rack” but “personally tailored” for Michigan police departments.


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